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sushi ready to eat
sushi ready to eat
Much tastier if you make it yourself!


in a pan add all the ingredients for sushi wine  heat it up and cool down. set aside.

Mix steamed  rice and sushi wine moderately, make it sure that the rice is not too wet, or it will damage  sea weeds later on when we  start rolling them.

Wrap wooden sushi mat, with the cling wrap, wrap it really tight. 

 Cut  at least 4 sea weeds into half by lengthwise.

Lay  sushi mat  that been wrap with cling film in a flat surface, then next lay sea weeds close to the other end of the sushi mat.

Spread mixture of steamed rice and sushi wine evenly, and turn it upside down, then from the other end again, lay avocado wedges you may need 3-4 slices, or cucumber 2-3 slices, then start rolling it, and pressing it really gently not to let the rice spurt everywhere. 

Cut rolled sushi into half then, from that part cut it once more, top it with salmon, or crab stick or  eel. Do the procedure till you used up  all cut  sea weeds

Other way of rolling sushi:

Lay sushi mat in a flat  surface, place one whole sea weeds and spread mixture of  steamed rice and sushi wine,  then at the other end, lay aither avocado and salmon, cucumber and salmon, avocado and eel, or mixture of both, then roll them again to the other end, with out pressing it so hard. Repeat the procedure till you use up all the ingredients.

Cut rolled sushi into half wiping knife in a damp cloth, we need to do it, to avoid, spoiling the sushi, and knife should be really sharp, cut it again into 3 equal parts. Do the same to the rest of the rolled sushi.

Arrange in the platter and serve with kikoman, pickled ginger and wasabi.

1 kg Sushi rice Steamed or boiled then left to cool
8-10 tbsp Sushi wine 
Sushi Wine:
½ cup water 
5 tbsp Apple Cider 
3 tbsp Brown Sugar 
For toppings:
8 slices Smoked Salmon 
5  Crab sticks 
1 sml Smoked Eel 
For wrapping and Flavouring:
10 sheets Seaweed Sushi Wrap 
2  Avocados peeled and cut into half inch wedges
2  Cucumbers cut into half inch wedges
1 jar Pickled young ginger drain on kitchen towel
  Wasabi sauce (optional)
  Kikoman Soy Sauce 
You will need:
  Sushi mat 
  Sharp Knife 
  Damp Towel 
  Cling Film 
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