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Mash potato with gravy
Mash potato with gravy
Buttered Mashed Potato
How to get a smooth mash

Procedure :
Boil potato until it\'s soft and easy to mash, when its ready, cut it into smaller pieces. and mash it, fold in butter salt and dried italian herb, potatoes should not have any lump and  make it sure other  ingredients are well mix with the potato.

For gravy, whisk water,cornstarch, garlic and oyster sauce, in a pan, over low heat. Continue whisking until it thickens. Add more water according to its desired consistency. Make sure gravy doesn\'t have any lumps at all. Top with gravy.

5 lge Potoatoes peeled
50 g Butter 
½ tsp Dried Italian Herbs 
  Salt and pepper to taste
For the gravy:
3 cloves Garlic crushed
1 tbsp Oyster sauce 
1 tbsp Cornflour 
1 tsp Sugar optional
½-1 cup water depending on desired thickness
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