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Mexican Enchiladas
Spicy Mexican style snack


Pre heat oven into 200 degrees Celsius

In a heated pan, add oil, and cumin powder, add onion, fry it till it's soft and done, not brown, add ground beef, stir fry it for about 3 minutes, and add the rest of the ingredients, and continue stirring it for about 3 more minutes till beef is fully coated with the spice. Set aside.

Enchilada Sauce

In a pan combine all the ingredients and whisk on a steady heat, until it mixes well and starts boiling, make it sure to whisk it well  to avoid it getting lumpy.  Set Aside

In a plate place one of the tortilla and scoop 1 table spoon of the cook beef, and roll it and place it in a baking dish, repeat the process till all the tortillas are used up. Pour enchilada sauce on top and sprinkle with a generous amount of grated cheddar cheese. Bake it for about 10-15 minutes or until all cheese melted, it can stay a bit longer if you want your tortilla chips to be a bit crunchy.  Serve hot !

For the enchilada sauce:
½ kg Beef mince 
1 lge Onion finely chopped
1 tsb Cumin powder 
1 tsb Paprika 
1 tsb Jalapeño chillies optional
1 tbsb Cooking oil 
  Salt and pepper to taste
For the enchilada sauce:
1 tbsp Tomato Paste 
½ cup water 
1 tsp Cornflour 
  Salt to taste
Other ingredients
12  Tortilla chips 
100 g Strong grated cheese 
25 g Butter to grease baking dish
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