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spring rolls with dip
spring rolls with dip
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Cocktail party favourite

Procedure :

In a heated pan, add oil and garlic, stir fry it for a bit, add cabbage, cook it for few seconds, add the rest of the vegetables, carrots, French beans, and celery, add soya sauce and ground pepper  and stir it for about 1 minute. Turn off heat  and drain it in the strainer and let it cool down.

In a clean plate, place the spring roll sheets, and spoon the cooked vegetables near one edge of the sheet. Start folding from the bottom, then to the sides of the sheets, and continue rolling to the end, and lock it by damping wet finger into the end of sheets. Continue until all the cooked vegetables have been used. It is ready for frying.

In a heated pan, shallow fry the spring rolls, over medium heat about 20 seconds each side or  till it\'s golden brown. Best to serve hot, and with a sweet chilli sauce dip.

½ small Cabbage cut into thin slices - do not use the hard core of the cabbage
3 med Carrots peeled and cut into thin slices
250 g Green or French beans cut into thin slices
4 sticks Celery cut into thin slices
1 bulbs Garlic crushed
8-10 tbsps soy sauce 
1 tsp Ground black pepper 
1 tbsp Sesame Oil 
24 sheets Spring roll wrapper defrosted and seperated to prevent sticking to each other
1 bowl water to seal the spring roll wrapper
  Cooking oil for frying the spring rolls
You will also need:
  Damp cloth 
  Fine mesh sieve 
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