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Basic Crepes
Can be served with sweet or savoury toppings

Procedure :  

In a blender , mix, flour, butter, egg, milk, salt and blend it for at least 2 minutes, or until it is well mix, with out any lumpy from flour and it should be a bit runny. Let stand for at least half an hour.

Blend it again for another minute and it is ready for cooking.

In a heated small frying pan, brush it with butter then add a thin mixture, enough to cover the pan and cook it both side for at least 20 -30 seconds both side, repeat the cooking procedure, until you use up the entire crepes mixture. Serve hot, with the desired spread.

½ cup All purpose flour 
20 g Butter melted
½ cup milk 
1  egg whisked
1 pinch Salt 
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