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Spring rolls ready to serve
Spring rolls ready to serve
Chicken Spring Rolls
Great for cocktail or bonfire night parties


Mix the Chicken marinade ingredients in a bowl then add the chicken and make sure it\'s well covered with the mix. Transfer to a seal-able food bag and place in the fridge to marinate for at least 15 minutes.

In a heated pan, add oil, garlic and fry, add chicken, fry it till colour change, add carrots, fry it for about 1 minute, add  chopped parsley and season with salt and pepper to taste. Drain in a strainer, cool down.

For sweet chilli sauce:

Mix all ingredients and whisk it over a low heat till it goes a bit sticky, adjust taste according to your taste buds. Cool down and set aside.

Wrapping the spring rolls:

In a clean plate, place the spring roll sheets, and spoon the cooked vegetables near one edge of the sheet. Start folding from the bottom, then to the sides of the sheets, and continue rolling to the end, and lock it by damping wet finger into the end of sheets. Continue until all the cooked vegetables have been used. It is ready for frying.

In a heated pan, shallow fry the spring rolls, over medium heat about 20 seconds each side or  till it\'s golden brown. Best to serve hot, and with a sweet chilli sauce dip.

½ kg Chicken Brest cut into thin slices
2 med Carrots peeled and cut into small cubes
1 whole Garlic crushed
1 bunch Parsley chopped
1 pack Spring roll pastry 
1 tbsp Cooking oil for frying
  Salt and pepper to taste
For Chicken Marinade:
1 tsp Garlic crushed
4 tbsp Dark soy sauce 
1 tsp Brown Sugar 
2 tbsp Sesame Oil 
  Ground black pepper to taste
For Sweet Chilli Sauce:
½ cup Pineapple juice 
1 tsp Cornflour 
1 clove Garlic crushed
1 tbsp Brown Sugar 
  Dried Chilli flakes to taste
  Salt to taste
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